About Us

After initially working for a decade or so in the sales and marketing industry, I couldn’t help but notice the sharp increase of visitors to South Africa towards the end of apartheid and thought how wonderful it would be to become involved in showing off this young democracy of ours to the rest of the world.

I subsequently did the tour guide course, registered as a tour operator and have been happily ensconced in this vocation for almost twenty years now. I decided to concentrate mainly on offering private tours for small groups and families, a hugely fun and rewarding experience that I still carry on through till this day.

Although I realized long ago that I would never become a millionaire doing this, I found that the quality of life and the interesting people I get to meet is what truly makes it all so thoroughly worthwhile.

Today I live with my beautiful wife and beloved cat in a small cottage on the shores of Table Bay, the sound of the waves and the wind and the stunning view of Table Mountain our constant companions.

We enjoy keeping reasonably fit by jogging, hiking, playing bad golf, kayaking, fair weather surfing and fly fishing and enjoy drinking wine, eating well and living simply. Life is good.